Monday, October 20, 2014

20 Bailiwick Rd - a ranch that was built in the 60's - located off Riversville Rd, is back on the market. The seller bought it in 2005 for $2.4M - so at the high of the market. Perhaps she doesn't really realize that Riversville is nowhere near Riverside and cannot compete with central Greenwich.
Curiously, the listing claims that it has been totally renovated, however, in the 17 photos that are provided on line, there are none of the interior...
In the main house, there are 2 bedroom, 2.5 baths and there is a separate guest house with another bedroom and bath.
This is the 3rd realtor to have this listing. Here is the history - not a great case of live and learn, but rather that history repeats itself

Capture history 20 bailiwick 20 Bailiwick Front 20 Bailiwick Lake

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Don't Worry - Be Happy - Go Fishin' - 56 Clapboard Ridge - Greenwich, CT

There is a fabulous video for this property on the MLS - unfortunately it cannot be shared - you'll have to make an appointment to come to the office where we can watch it together on the bigscreen - and then go take a look...It's a lifestyle video with the owners curating the tour - like a mini real estate reality show. They speak about finding the house 10 years ago, raising their 4 kids there, how they did a 2 year renovation - and walking the "audience"/GMLS Subscribers, through the house, barn, grounds and even taking the canoe on the stocked lake...

What a house! Your deluxe playground offered for $9,950,000.

The sellers bought it in 2001 for $6,750,000 and obviously poured money into improving the entire property. 
56 Clapboard Ridge Rd Aerial
56 Clapboard Ridge Flowers Pool
Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 6.09.53 AM
56 Clapboard Ridge Entrance
56 Clapboard Ridge Kitchen
56 Clapboard Ridge Living 2
56 CLapboard RIdge Master

56 Clapboard RIdge Barn
56 Clapboard RIdge Basketball

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

12 Byfield Lane is Back on Market -$7,499,000

12 Byfield Lane began it's listing journey in 2009, priced at $12M - oh excuse me - $11,999,999...then, finally expired in November 2013 at $9,999,999. The odd looking pricing strategy obviously didn't do the trick for attracting a buyer. It's funny - in the apparel business, prices ending with 9's are usually reserved for downmarket products. $49,99 rather than $50.00 You will never see the .99 strategy at stores like Bergdorf's or Neiman's. Kohl's - yes. Perhaps subliminally, buyers for real estate sense the same signal. 

Anyway, regardless of pricing, is back on the market for $7,499,000. 

What you'll get, is lots of arches, balustrades, spindles....end less I forget, a washer/dryer hookup!

The listing boasts a "sumptuous master suite", but damned if I could find a photo on either the expired listing or the new one...lots of marginal and redundant photography.
What you won't get is a pool, court, wine cellar,out buildings or theater....but what would one expect for $7.5, I mean $7,499,000?
12 Byfield Lane12 Byfield Lane RearScreen shot 2014-10-15 at 12.58.11 PM
12 Byfield Lane Stairway 12 Byfield Arched Room

Price Reductions - Some will Get a Bite, Others a Nibble and Maybe One will get Thrown Back in the Water

Guy Fishing Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 8.38.32 AM

52 Hunt Terrace should get a bite - Good house and there is price resistance over $1.5 in this area - this one started close to $1.4...this West side of town often attracts former NY'ers. Click here to see the full listing:
6 Kenilworth Terrace -should get a bite...North Street Schools and it is fairly priced. Nice 1 acre lot - 5 bedrooms, 4+ baths. Well Built To see the full listing, click here:
79 Duncan Dr - Maybe some nibbles - I think that we'll see another price reduction before this gets a buyer, just my opinion. A) Not a ton of demand for 70's contemporaries, B) Much of it needs to be updated. The pros are that it is in great condition, well-maintained and it is on a oversized lot. My crystal ball tells me somewhere around $1,900,000 would get it done.To see the full listing, click here:
32 Sawmill Lane - Good house - Priced Fairly and will most likely get the same number that the sellers paid 3 years ago - $2,975,000. To see the full listing, click here:
255 Round Hill Rd - Maybe some nibbles - An authentic Tudor built in the 20's - and needing lots of updates. Biggest disadvantages here, is that it is a big house to renovate, it has market fatigue from over pricing in the past, and buyers are no longer nostalgic about renovating a classic. 8700 SF on 3 acres in 2 acre zoning. To see the full listing, click here:
19 Hidden Brook Rd - Maybe some Nibbles - Great House - the biggest disadvantage is that it is sandwiched between neighbors, so when you're sitting in your pool, your neighbors may as well be there as well. But hey, it's Riverside, and that's what buyers seem to be paying premiums for this year. I shake my head. To see the full listing click here:
48 Round Hill Rd - Now $10,350,000 - Throw is back in the Water for now - Reduced from $12,000,000. The sellers paid $4,425,000 in 1998 and the town has it appraised below that at $4,073,000...soooo not sure where $12M came from...last renovated in 1999 - yup....
To see the full listing, click here:

Monday, October 13, 2014

37 Richmond Hill Rd - $3,600,000 Same Price that Sellers Paid in 2000

It's been rented for the last couple of years for $17,500 and $18,500 respectively...and now it's trying again at the same price that the sellers paid in 2000.

Not  bad house - some of the better features are en-suite bedrooms, a large master with great closets, a theater, pool - large flat yard....but not close to town like what buyers are looking for. This house in Riverside would most likely fetch at $1M more, but then there are not many lots in Riverside that would allow for  10,000SF house.

Some of the cons, in my opinion, are the kitchen - they claim that it's a gourmet kitchen, but not my idea of what that would be...the crap that is on top of the maple cabinets only draw attention to the fact that they don't meet the ceiling, and I cannot see what kind of appliance are in place, but what I also don't see is a substantial vent over the stove.

ALso not my favorite "feature" in a house, is when the stone is only applied to the front of the house. If you can't do it, odn;t do it at all...

To see the full listing:
37 Richmond Hill Rd Front

37 Richmond Hill Pool
37 Richmond Hill Rd Kitchen

Friday, October 10, 2014

5 Sylvan Lane - Price Reduction! The Time has Come...

I have shown this privately and on open house, and it is one of those classic Old Greenwich properties that is looking for love. Family has grown up and gone their ways, and now it's time for another to come along. Priced to sell at this point, I would be shocked if it doesn't get an offer on this asking price. Sylvan Association Beach rights  - enjoy Todd's Point and a great Old Greenwich lifestyle...
5 Sylvan Lane Front
5 Sylvan Lane - Old Greenwich - Now asking $2,750,000

5 Sylvan Pool
Relatively Private Pool in the Back - Considering that Everything in Old Greenwich is tight...
5 Sylvan Kitchen 2
Unique Kitchen with a Galley Feel

Thursday, October 9, 2014

2 More Contracts Today

Sellers bought the land for $1.8 in 2012...and built this 6 bedroom 6+ bath home on an oversized  lot in 1 acre zoning...Great Location, in my opinion...Full Listing:
7 Oakwood Lane
7 Oakwood Lane - Asking $6,495,000
4 Dandy is a bit odd - like they slapped a 2 car garage right on the front of the house...somehow, there is another buyer out there who didn't care that it was not a graceful nuanced addition...
4 Dandy Dr
4 Dandy Dr - Cos Cob - Asking $975,000