Friday, February 27, 2015

Guts and Glory - Property Owners/Sellers with Great Locations Take Note!

Last  year, when I called the owner to see whether they were interested in re-listing it, they told me that they decided to  re-build it...I thought wow - that's bold...most sellers are resistant to even cleaning out some of the furniture or painting - let alone re-building their house!
Even with a location that is what is currently trending - close to town, transportation and everything build a $8M+ house on a corner lot with the goal to flip it,  takes guts. But they did it and after 135 days, they got a deal...and it closed for $8.2M  on an asking price of $8,950,000.
This was then - expiring at $4,385,000 - 4 bedrooms, and a little over 3500SF:
1 Deer Before Re-Do
1 Deer Lane - Last Year - 1.87 acres
1 deer front
1 Deer Lane - Sold for $8.2M this week - Over 10,000SF
1 deer living
Luxury Millwork - Beautiful Floors

1 Deer
Luxury Kitchen - White on White with Warm Floors

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Great New Listing - 176 Stanwich Road - Flip?

Built in 1800, and renovations just completed, this beautiful home was purchased by the sellers in August 2014 for $2,751,200 - bidding war? Now a flipper?  To see the full listing click here:
176 Stanwich Road - $3,165,000
176 Stanwich Road - $3,165,000
Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 5.02.16 PM
Great Kitchen
Great Kitchen
Pony Up for Some Grub
Enticing Gathering Spot for Sharing Moments Over a Nice Meal
Formal DIning
Formal Dining
I Love the Way the Photographer Co-ordinated the TV with the Pillow
I Love the Way the Photographer Coordinated the TV with the Pillows
176 Stanwich Master
Simple - Clean - Peaceful
Master Bath
Master Bath - Functional Yet Beautiful - Heated Towel Bars...
Lovely Terrace - Stonework and Planned Landscaping
Lovely Terrace - Nice Stonework and Planned Landscaping

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Day Late - A Dollar Short?

22 Pond Place
22 Pond Place - Cos Cob - $995K - IN CONTRACT
This little Cos Cob cape went on the market last weekend on the CMLS, and Tuesday on the GMLS. As agents we are able to enter their own new listings on the CMLS but not on Greenwich's...hence the lag. 

We saw this during the broker open house day last week, and quickly learned that it had multiple offers over the weekend (prior to being published on the GMLS). I know many realtors (their bad) that hardly check the CMLS, relying mostly on Greenwich's for their info.

Would there have been even more offers in the hat had more agents known?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Waa Waa Waa Waa Waa Waa

Have I got a Buyer for You! Sold today for $26M

The Image Below Provided by Zillow - Accurate as Usual - not so much

No Wonder Consumers Love Zillow - can you Imagine that this would have sold for $1,256,092? Maybe 130 years ago when it was built in 1885!

Belle Haven hilltop Beauty

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 8.30.58 PM

Reality before the sale today, is that it sold in 1998 for $14M - and the selling broker today sold it to the present sellers.

7 Bedrooms, 9 full and 3 half baths, 8 fireplaces, 2.14 acres in 2 acre zoning and 10,432 SF

So here we see the 79 Harbor Drive Sold Again Today - Non MLS

A complaint brought up recently that the MLS didn't report the realtor/broker as the realtor/broker, rather as NON - MLS for direct sales. The answer was  that we had the opportunity to include in the realtor remarks the selling agent and the listing agent - which Ogilvy took the opportunity to do here. 


And in case you didn't get it the first 4 times, it was David Ogilvy who pocketed this one

Open House Pick of the Day - 13 Center Road - Old Greenwich

What a little gem - everything is well done inside, and out...every little space is thoughtful and tasteful - and the curb appeal, even on a day like today is great....4 bedrooms, 5 baths - a great mudroom, lower level and backyard...take a page from this seller's playbook
13 Center Dr 5
13 Center Rd - Old Greenwich - $1,650,000
13 Center Outdoor
Nicely Finished Patio
13 Center Rd Bedroom 2
Built Ins To Maximize Space
13 Center Rd Bedroom 3
Tipped Ceilings - But Still so Cute and Built Ins which Minimizes Furniture - Increases Space
13 Center Road Bedroom
The Master
13 Center Rd Living
Living - Modern - Relevant
13 Center Rd Kitchen
Using the Space Well - Seating at the Island as well as a Breakfast Nook
My observation about this property, is that it is well priced for Old Greenwich and very well done. There is a new construction - work in progress -  that is just beyond the backyard fence of this property. Did this prompt the owners of 13 Center Rd to sell?...The driveway to the new construction, is on the property line to the left, and is quite visible from the rear of this house...and the view from the rear of the house, is of a modern boxlike structure - the antithesis of this beautiful home...shame. 

It's heartbreaking for the sellers who obviously poured love into this property, but most likely not an issue for the next buyer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pricing Too High - Seller Slippery Slope

If you think that pricing your home over the market, in the hopes of catching the big one - forget it - it's like salmon swimming upstream.

If you haven't read the memo, or your realtor just takes orders, you should know that buyers want a value, or they just want to move in. They are not settling for anything less. If it's not relevant inside, the price will have to be attractive...with a few cheap fixes, you'll get better photography, more showings, and at least the odds will stack up a bit better for the seller.

Take 27 Khakum Wood Rd - lovely location, with prices that support the asking price - just got a million dollar reduction. Starting at $5,900,000 in April 2013, it sat at this price for 6 is now $4.6M after 490 days on market

27 Khakum Wood Rear
27 Khakum Wood Rd - Reduced $1M - Now $4.6M
As handsome as the exterior is, and as lovely as the lot is (oversized in RA2)...I predict that this will sell for something closer to $4m even slightly under that. Buyers are factoring in the cost of renovation when making an offer...with consideration of course to the location. If it had started closer to $4,595,000, it perhaps could have fetched $4.3. As you can see from the interior, every room tells a story, albeit an old one...
27 Khakum Wood Entrance
27 Khakum Wood Entrance
27 Khakum Wood Liivng
Living Area - This Would be the Perfect Room to Feature Comfortable Tonal Furniture
27 Khakum Kitchen
A Stretch at the Original Asking Price of $5,900,000
27 Khakum Bedroom
Get Rid of ANYTHING Floral - Wall to Wall unless its natural...
27 Khakum Wood Dining
Modern Chairs Surrounding this Table - Get rid of All the Little Pieces
27 Khakum Whatever Room
Too Much Furniture Makes a Room Look Small
27 Khakum Master
Get Rid of the Flowers - Swags, Canopy, Wallpaper Border - Again too Much Furniture - Clear the Mantle
27 Khakum Bedroom 3
Clear the Radiator Covers - The Images are too Large for the Wall Scale - Makes the Room Look Even Smaller than it is.
27 Khakum Bedroom 2
Again - the Floral on Floral, reads Old on Old....Clear the Collections from the Dresser. and Old Electronics Date a House....that TV in the corner...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cos Cob Contract and New Listings

In Contract - 3B/2BA - Just Over 2000 SF
9 Osee Place
9 Osee Place - Cos Cob - $1,300,000
Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 11.14.22 AM
New to Market - 4B/2BA - Just Over 2000SF - Finished Lower Level
22 Pond Place
22 Pond Place - $995K
Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 11.18.55 AM
Other New Listings Today
Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 11.26.21 AM